Thursday, August 4, 2011


We all try to move on and leave the pains and what we don't appreciate behind us every morning when we get out of bed. However, there are times when the mind is so clouded, and full that we not seem to be able to break free from the craziness of our minds. There are no quotes to describe the feeling, neither will anyone else be able to fully understand what we are going through; at least that is what my husband says. I do believe one can understand others and even feel what others are feeling. We might not be able to react the same way to the same situation, as each person has its own perspective in regards to the same situation (whatever it is). Regardless of the reactions when there is emotion others can feel it. Emotions are similar to energy waves that can change how thick or how clear the air is in a room. Emotion transfers from person to person, when each other is being receptive to one another. There could be no walls in between, and each person needs to be vulnerable in order for the energy to flow from one person to the next. This is the same way animals can feel sad, or upset when love ones are taking from them. I am not talking about something so distant or strange. This is a day to day behavior. In order for people to connect we need to be vulnerable and be able to hurt. Real friendships and love are not born from smiles only, it needs to have distress and grow that way. We do not need to be miserable, but we need a real person, with real emotions that is able to relate to our feelings in moments of sadness in order for the love to grow. Those who cannot relate to others sadness are unable to create real and long lasting experiences, thus, they are unable to create real connections with others.

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